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Private residence additional and remodel

Austin, Texas

Completed in 2018

This project set a new bar for the term remodel.  The traces of the original house are discernible in the finished product, but what started as a very humble and unremarkable 2-story suburban house has evolved into a completely new place that includes all the spatial features and amenities of a modern custom home. In a practical sense, the original concrete slab and most of the ground floor exterior walls are still there, but they have been melded into a much larger (almost double the size) and unified home that it seems to have been built new.  The ceilings were raised, or in some cases vaulted, and once-cramped and awkward rooms are now generous, light-filled, and carefully orchestrated to facilitate an intuitive and comfortable experience.


The exterior style has been updated, but still feels at home in this established neighborhood.  Meanwhile, the interiors have a clean, modern elegance that is not minimal, but still lean.

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