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Private residence + ADU

Austin, Texas

Completed in 2020

Designed for an urban infill lot in South Austin, this compact residence was conceived as a small compound wrapped around a center courtyard. The entry and main living area allow some visual access through to the courtyard space beyond, while the utility and private main suite wrap around the side and rear of the lot. The final corner is anchored by the detached garage with the accessory dwelling unit stacked above, completing the buffer for this secluded outdoor oasis. On the upper levels, vaulted ceilings and high windows bring in plentiful natural light and enhance the sense of spaciousness in this thoughtfully composed plan.


The concept of this development as a compound is reinforced by the massing of the stacked and staggered gables. This cluster of discrete but related volumes breaks down the scale of the overall building. The effect of the whole is much more than just the sum of the parts.

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