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Private residence addition and remodel

Austin, Texas

Completed in 2012

The challenge of this project was to integrate the addition in a way that was respectful of the structure, materiality, and massing of the existing house.  The steeply sloping lot is scattered with massive live oak trees, which provide a serene, dappled light to the back side of the house but also left only one option for where to locate the additional space - above the existing garage.  In the end, this position gave the new master suite the sensation of floating in the canopies of the trees, basking in the warm, filtered sunlight.


Exposed laminated beams are supported by columns that tie into the existing garage frame, and what was once a small screened porch is extended into an expansive cantilevered butterfly roof.  Native limestone ties the floating master suite back to the original house and maintains the scale and texture.  

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