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Quarters on Campus – Nueces House Amenities

Multifamily Amenities

Austin, Texas

Completed 2023

Interiors by Michelle Thomas Design

Like many companies in the student housing space, Quarters on Campus identified the need for more and better amenities for its apartment properties in the University of Texas neighborhood in Austin. This property already featured a series of outdoor courtyards that were somewhat unprogrammed and underutilized. Two of the three were given specific new programming as a dog park and a games area, and the third was enhanced as a pool area with better shaded seating and access. The ground floor apartment units between the pool courtyard and the games courtyard were gutted and converted into a lounge with TV area, kitchenette, banquette seating, co-working and study rooms, and some indoor game areas. The exterior spaces were designed around the need for shade and seating in the Texas summers, while the interior spaces were focused on plentiful natural light, versatility, and durable built-in finishes to withstand the rigors of student life.

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