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Private residence + Guest Apartment

Austin, Texas

Completed in 2017

This 3,500 square foot home seeks to create a refuge on the corner of two lively streets in South Austin. It is a response to not only the program of a contemporary house, but also to the context of heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the bus stop on the corner, and the zoning restrictions of a corner lot. The result is a relatively simple massing very carefully articulated inside to preserve a sense of sanctuary and calm.


The masonry site wall provides the first layer of separation. Along with the landscape and plantings, it buffers the courtyard entry and the swimming pool from the activity of the street. The volume of the house itself then adds a more substantial buffer protecting the covered outdoor living room and peaceful back yard. In between, the visitor passes through a series of transitions from porch to foyer to public spaces and finally to the spacious main suite. This suite is its own luxurious enclave within the house. The secondary guest apartment, included within the main house, provides the versatility for either long-term houseguests or a source of rental income.

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